Gems of the Month for PREVIEWS September 2014

Resurrectionists #1

Dark Horse Comics

Framed architect-turned-thief Jericho Way has discovered he’s a Resurrectionist, one of a select group of people who can not only remember their past lives, but become them. Writer Fred Van Lente and rising star artists Maurizio Rosenzweig and Moreno Dinisio bring you a thrilling heist saga 3,000 years in the making!

Itty Bitty Comics: The Mask #1

Dark Horse Comics

From the guys who brought you Itty Bitty Hellboy and Tiny Titans comes all-new, all-ages mayhem from Art Baltazar and Franco! That’s right, the Mask is back, and this time it’s Herman Shazbert’s turn! Well, him, and his entire family.

Wonder Woman #36

DC Comics

Introducing the new creative team of writer Meredith Finch and artist David Finch. Both are launching the amazing Amazon into an all-new epic storyline, introducing major new characters, and a new villain, powerful enough to defeat Diana and her Justice League teammates!

Gotham By Midnight #1

DC Comics

Strange doings are afoot in Gotham City! Look out, though — Jim Corrigan is on the case in this new series by writer Ray Fawkes (Constantine, Batman Eternal) and artist Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night, Ten Grand)!

Shadow Show #1

IDW Publishing

Writers Joe Hill and Jason Ciaramella present Shadow Show, a tribute to the works of sci-fi and fantasy legend, Ray Bradbury! This debut issue features “By the Silver Water of Lake Champlain,” in which two young teens form an unlikely bond over their discovery of a lifetime.


Image Comics

In the aftermath of a 100-year galactic war, Odyssia the Clever Champion and her compatriots begin their longest, strangest trip yet: the one home. A gender-bent eye-popping psychedelic science fiction odyssey begins here, by Matt Fraction and artist Christian Ward!

Tooth & Claw #1

Image Comics

Kurt Busiek returns to Image with artist Ben Dewey for this new ongoing mature readers series, best described as Conan meets Game of Thrones meets Kamandi, as a secret conclave of wizards brings a legendary champion back through time to save the world — with disastrous consequences!

Spider-Verse #1

Marvel Comics

Spider-Verse is here! Marvel dives deep into the world of Spider-Man with this all-new anthology series, features the Amazing Spidey-Man, Manga Spidey, a Steampunk Spider-Woman, and a new Spider character for the ages!

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