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Say goodbye to the '80s with one final volume of the decade's breakthroughs and breakouts! Mutant mania launches three new X-teams, plus star turns for Cyclops and Colossus! The first shots are fired in the 'Nam, cyborg Coldblood suits up, and Nth Man and Shadowmasters prove that ninjas are "in!" The Spellbinders weave miracles, the Wolfpack howls, Speedball bounces, Quasar shines, and Wonder Man hogs the spotlight - but it's hell on Earth when Mephisto arrives. Good thing Damage Control is here to clean up! Collecting THE 'NAM #1, COMET MAN #1, FALLEN ANGELS #1, MEPHISTO VS. #1, MARVEL GRAPHIC NOVEL #31, SPELLBOUND (1988) #1, EXCALIBUR SPECIAL EDITION, X-TERMINATORS #1, HAVOK & WOLVERINE: MELTDOWN #1, SHADOWMASTERS #1 - plus material from AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #22; MARVEL AGE ANNUAL #4; and MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS (1988) #10, #17, #25-26, #29 and #38.
In Shops: Dec 17, 2014
SRP: $39.99
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No One is Above the Law Of RoboCop

RoboCop, Detroit's pop culture phenomenon, returns with an all-new series from BOOM! Studios this April! It's a chilling view of the future where justice is crowdsourced, set 30 years after the events of the landmark original RoboCop film.