(W) Mark Schultz, Phil Amara, Mary Bierbaum, Tom Bierbaum, Mike W. Barr, Beau Smith, Chuck Dixon, Darko Macan, Nancy A. Collins, Ian Edginton, David Lloyd, Dave Wenzel, Jay Stephens (A) Doug Wheatley, Mark Schultz, Keith Wood, Rick Leonardi, Bob Wiacek, Jason Hvam, Dave Ross, Andrew Pepoy, Dave Stewart, Gene Colan, Duncan Fegredo, Gray Morrow, Flint Henry, Chris Scalf, Tommy Lee Edwards, John Bolton, Frank Teran, Chris Horn, Lief Jones, John Stokes, Roger Petersen, Dan Jackson, Phil Hester, Ande Parks, Denis Beauvais, David Lloyd, Dave Wenzel, Eduardo Risso, Chris Chalenor (A/CA) Dave Dorman
Mankind has always struggled to balance exploration and exploitation when stepping into new lands. In the era of the colonization of space, the discovery of new wonders is countered by the awful realities when species once separated by light years of airless void are suddenly thrown together, and the heady intoxication of discovery becomes the feral nightmare of a battle for supremacy. Humanity's arrogance and greed have helped the Alien plague spread, and now men and women must step forward to ensure that the future of the galaxy does not become the age of the Alien!
In Shops: Dec 31, 2008
SRP: $24.99
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Ice Cream Man Heats Up For Second Printing

Image Comics is thrilled to announce that the debut issue of W. Maxwell Prince and Martín Morazzo’s genre-defying anthology series ICE CREAM MAN is being rushed back to print in order to keep up with overwhelming customer demand!