(W) Jason Starr (A/CA) Andrea Mutti
WHY WE LOVE IT: BOOM! We can't get enough innovative mashups of some of our
favorite genres: Fantasy, Horror, and Mystery. Plus, we're fascinated with the science of
WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Awardwinning
novelist Jason Starr (Wolverine Max, The
Chill) and artist Andrea Mutti (Noir, The Executor) deliver a gripping but deeply human
drama set in an uncertain world.
WHAT'S IT ABOUT: It's 2022, and some people who have had NearDeath
have come back "changed." They exhibit extreme behavioral changes, becoming
increasingly paranoid and violent, and no one knows why. People who have had NDE's
fall immediately under suspicion, and in some cases, are murdered by justiceseeking
vigilantes. It is in this world where Beth, a quiet high school student with a bright future,
will learn just how quickly friends and family will turn on her when she has the bad luck of
surviving the worst night of her life...
In Shops: Mar 12, 2014
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