The adventures in Azeroth continue with the new Caverns of Time expansion for the World of WarCraft Trading Card Game! Continuing the racial theme of the Timewalkers block with all-new Haste, Blood Frenzy, Tribe, and Unity allies, the Caverns of Time Treasure Packs build to a 70-card set that features legendary demons Mannoroth and Archimonde and is legal for regular constructed play. The Caverns of Time Treasure packs come 9 cards per pack (1 Rare or Epic, 2 Uncommon, 6 Common or 5 Common and 1 Loot), 24 packs per box. Play against the automated The Caverns of Time Raid Deck with two or more friends! The brand-new Raid hero mechanic provides a unique experience with each playthrough. Use the oversized hero cards Arthras, Thrall, and Medivh for epic multiplayer or one-on-one battles in the Chaos format. The World of WarCraft: The Caverns of Time Raid Deck is a 60-card deck with 8 Raid Hero cards, 3 Chaos Multiplayer Her Cards, treasure pack, and a rule book.
In Shops: Aug 07, 2013
SRP: $30.00
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