Billy Tucci's blockbuster indy comic Shi makes her striking debut at Dark Horse with this beautifully detailed resin statue. Trained in the ways of the great warrior monks of medieval Kyoto-Ana Ishikawa's sole mission in life is to seek out her family's murderer and avenge their honor.  Ana's life becomes one of constant inner conflict between her programmed mission of revenge and the Christian leanings she secretly harbors. With her conflicted soul weakened, this vengeful obsession consumes Ana's very being, as she transforms herself to Shi-the living embodiment of Death. And yet the duality that rages Ana's soul will not permit her submission to vengeance. For Ana's faith and the ethereal visions of her gallant ancestral Sohei shepherd her along the bloody way of the warrior. The Shi statue stands 10" high and is sculpted by Steve Kiwus. It comes packaged in a color collectors' box with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.
10" tall on base, fully painted, packaged color collectors' box with  signed & numbered certificate of authenticity, limited to 750
In Shops: May 14, 2003
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