(W) Alan Burnett, Sterling Gates, Geoff Johns, Ron Marz (A) Patrick Blaine, Dave Gibbons, Michel Lacombe, Adriana Melo, Jerry Ordway, Joe Prado, Pete Woods (CA) Ivan Reis
  • Written by Geoff Johns, Ron Marz,
    Alan Burnett and Sterling Gates
    Art by Dave Gibbons, Ethan Van Sciver, Pete Woods,
    Jerry Ordway, Mike McKone, Adriana Melo,
    Joe Prado and others
    Cover by Ivan Reis & Oclair Albert
        The action of The Sinestro Corps War story spills over into this volume collecting Green Lantern #18-20 (plus backup stories), Green Lantern Sinestro Corps Special #1 ( (plus backup stories), Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Ion, Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Parallax, Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Cyborg Superman, Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Anti-Monitor, and Green Lantern Sinestro Corps Secret Files!
        Parallax, Anti-Monitor, and the Cyborg Superman are some of the most feared members of the brutal Sinestro Corps, an army assembled with one goal: to spread fear across the galaxy! In this hardcover volume, the layers of these complex villains are stripped away as readers learn why they joined the Sinestro Corps and what drives them to eradicate the Green Lantern Corps.
    Advance-solicited; on sale June 11   200 pg, FC, $29.99 US
    In Shops: Jun 25, 2008
    SRP: $29.99
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