From WizKids/NECA. In Month 5, the wake of the 7.6 magnitude earthquake, several villains seize the opportunity to carve the remains of Gotham City into territories they can rule with an iron fist. One such area in "No Man's Land" headed by none other than Killer Croc! The No Man's Land Month Five kit includes: Killer Croc Limited Edition figures (competitive prize - 4), Re-Breather 3D Objects (participation prizes -20), as well as 10 double-sided maps (Gotham Waterfront, both pre- and post-quake!).

In Month 6, players have survived the 7.6 magnitude earthquake that leveled most of Gotham City. They've fought through the ruins and made it this far. Now they face the most feared villain of them all, alongside his punchline-crazy partner -- the Joker & Harley Quinn are determined to put their own crazed version of a smile on No Man's Land! The No Man's Land Month Six kit includes: The Batcave HeroClix Resource Dial (Grand Prize - 2), Joker & Harley Quinn Limited Edition figures (competitive prize - 4), Batman's Cowl 3D Objects (participation prizes - 20), Handcuffs 3D Objects (participation prizes - 20), as well as 10 double-sided maps (Dockside Amusement Park, both pre- and post-quake!).

As an additional special prize, the Penguin (special prizes - 4) is to be awarded to your store's winning Gang Leaders! (You have been keeping score and "tagging" the various territories, right?)

Scheduled in stores 03/27/13 (Month 5) and 04/24/13 (Month 6). (6338)
In Shops: Mar 27, 2013
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