(W) Josh Blaylock (P) Mike Miller (I) Armando Durruthy (Cover) Mike Miller and Hi-Fi
FC    32pp    Six-issue finite monthly series
In stores the week of 23rd
THE CONCEPT: The crossover of the decade is here!  Featuring the two big players of the 80's, this story chronicles what happens when an infant COBRA organization stumbles upon an alien spacecraft full of damaged robots - the TRANSFORMERS.  With these new weapons under their control, they will conquer the entire planet, unless a newly formed Special Forces unit called G.I. JOE can stop them.
THIS ISSUE: Now that COBRA has made itself known to the world, things heat up in this alternate reality crossover.  In an effort to stop this new threat and their army of transforming robots, the United States Government forms G.I. JOE - a task force of the world's most elite soldiers.  Will members Hawk, Snake-Eyes, Flint and crew be pummeled by Cobra's Transformer army, or will two Autobots offer a welcome hand?  Maybe a little bit of both.  Meanwhile, the hateful relationship between Cobra Commander and a small talking gun named Megatron is explored, and a mysterious chrome-headed arms dealer causes trouble for the team with Cobra's newest menace, SOUNDWAVE.
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SRP: $2.95
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