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From her pulp-fiction inspirations to her Bronze Age comics introduction, Red Sonja, the She-Devil with a Sword, has captured the imagination and the hearts of sword-and-sorcery fans around the globe. With her fiery red hair, flashing broadsword and chainmail bikini armor, this warrior of the Hyborian Age is a match for any man and temptation for all men. More popular than ever, with more than three dozen Dynamite series and one-shots, Red Sonja is the greatest sword-and-sorcery female of them all. This new series of trading cards showcases all her feminine fury!

This set is a collector's dream and includes an 18-card base set, PLUS Dynamite chase cards that include: 6 signed cards, 12 Line Art cards, 9-card puzzle cards, 2-box-topper special cards, and thousands of one-of-a-kind hand-drawn original art signed sketch cards. Every signed card features a color ink or ultra-rare, gold ink signature! Every individual foil-pack is enhanced packaged in a colorful mini-box and includes 2 Base Cards, 2 Signed Sketch Cards, 1 Line Art Card, 1 Puzzle Card, and 1 Signed Card. Every specially designed, 4-color display case includes 12 mini-box foil packs.

Featuring art from; Lucio Parrillo, Jae Lee, Amanda Conner, Jay Anacleto, Mike Choi, Kunkka, Ken Haeser and many others.

Sketch Card artists include: Adam Talley, Alfonso Enema, Amanda Rachels, Anastasia Catris, Andrew Edge, Andy Bohn, Anthony Richichi, April Reyna, Barry Renshaw, Benjamin Lombart, Bianca Thompson, Bobby Blakey, Bradley Hudson, Brent Scotchmer, Carl Kent, Charles Drake, Chris Caniano, Diablos Grande, Dan Curto, Dan Curto, Daniel Gorman, Danielle Steely, Darren Chandler, Diego Ayala, Don Kunkel, Edward Santia, Elias Gambit Melendes, Erica Hesse, Ernest Romero, Fernando Jimenez, Gary ODD Edmund, Geoffrey Gwin, Gordon Purcell, Huy Truong, Jamie Richards, J Hammond, Jason Brower, Jason Miller, Jason Mooers, Jeff Meuth, Jeffrey C. Benitez, Jerold Bahr, Jessica Nuno, Joe Correa, Joe DelBeato, Joe Wigfield, John Martin, Free Isabello, Jon Mangini, Jonathan Williams, Karl Jones, Ken Haeser, Kevin Meinert, Kevin Munroe, Kristin Allen, Kür?at Çetiner, Kyle Williams, Lee Hunt, Limuel Pinzon, Marcia Dye, Mariano Nicieza, Mark Stroud, Matt Buttich, Matt Stewart, Michael Metlen, Michelle Rayner, Mick Beyers, Mick Trimble, Mike Lilly, Mike Munshaw, Monty Anderson, Nathan Kennett, Nestor Pagani, Nick Caponi, Omar Soto, Reid Beaman, Rhiannon Owens, Rich Molinelli, Richard Johnson, Rusty Gilligan, Samantha Branch, Sanna U., Sarah Fletcher, Scott Harrel, Tim Levandoski, Tom Romano, Tony Miello, Vanessa Solis, Veronica O'Connel, Chenduz, William Russel, Wilson Ramos, XinJix, Zachary Woolsey, Geoff Elkins, Clinton W. Yeager and many, many more!
Complete set will include:
18 Base Cards (2 per pack)                                                          
12 Line Art Cards (1 per pack)                                                          
9 Card Art Puzzle (1 per pack)
6 Signed Cards (1 per pack)                                                           Thousands of Color Sketch Cards (2 per pack)

Mini-Box-Foil-Packs- 7 cards/Display Box 12 packs
In Shops: Jan 27, 2021
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