From Discotek Media. The 1993 2-episode OVA release, newly re-issued for the first time in 7 years! The story follows Mink, a half-human/half-dragon teenaged girl on a quest for a potion that will turn her into a full human so that she can win the love of the legendary dragonslayer, Dick Saucer. She can only get the potion, however, if she goes to Demon King's Island and slays the most powerful Demon Lord in the land, Azetodeth! Not only does she have to reconstruct the Gourd of the Saints, an item that can seal Azetodeth, she also has to be aware of Princess Vina, her rival for Saucer's affections. Mink is aided on her quest by her friends Lufa, Pia, and a fairy mouse named Mappy.
In Shops: May 28, 2014
SRP: $19.95
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No One is Above the Law Of RoboCop

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