(W) James Jacobs, Jonathan Keith, Jason Nelson, Todd Stewart
A century ago, the nation of Sarkoris was murdered. Today, this realm is a horrific, post-apocalyptic nightmare, a landscape cloven by a vast canyon that connects this world to the demon-haunted reaches of the Abyss. This rift is known as the "Worldwound", and through it, the demon horde has infested an entire region. While the demon armies have been held in check by barbarians and crusaders alike, the region within that was once Sarkoris is now ruled by fiends. Worse, the Worldwound itself is slowly growing. And if something isn't done to halt this blight it -  and the demons it spawns - may one day swallow all of Golarion! This 64-page softcover book explores the demon-blighted land of the Worldwound (site of the new "Wrath of the Righteous" Adventure Path) in great detail. Ruined cities, key historical sites, and more are presented, along with an exhaustive examination of the strange and otherworldly hazards of the region. The book also includes several adventure sites ready for exploration, along with a few locations like the holdout town of Gundrun, which can serve heroes as (relatively) safe harbor in a deadly land. Finally, an extensive bestiary presents more than a dozen new monsters and demons and enemy NPCs along with two new monster templates, ensuring your PCs will never lack for foes in this devastated realm!
In Shops: Jul 31, 2013
SRP: $19.99
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