Staff Picks (November): Randomveus ODC #1

If you’ve been reading comics for a long time, it can be kind of rare to feel joyful about them. Long-time comics readers and collectors have seen it all. Chrome, 3D, themed; variant covers of every shape and size. We’ve seen characters on the covers of books that don’t even appear in their pages. We’ve been faked out, let down, aggravated, shocked, disgusted, saddened, delighted, amused… being a comic book fan can be an emotional roller coaster, and for us die-hards, one that, even on the worst days, we’re not likely to jump off of.

But then there’s that feeling you get when you see a book that just looks like fun. Something you’re going to enjoy; something that will make you smile, and be the piece of escapism you may need in times like these. I feel like those kinds of comics are rare, but the ones we should be watching out for.

Randomvues fits that bill.

Meet Raimundo, Bloob, and Melody. They’re couriers in a universe filled with flying cars, giant robots, sheepdogs you can ride like horses, and… well… jelly creatures that look like Bloob. Fast, explosive (literally! Lots of stuff explodes!), funny and light-hearted, Randomveus #1 is a great new adventure, brimming with energy and candy-floss colors that pop off the page.

Strap in, fellow humans. We’re in for some fun.

And stuff going boom.

Leigh Tyberg

Publisher: Udon Entertainment
Item Code: NOV182124
Release Date: 1/30/19
SRP: $3.99

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