Staff Picks
Staff Picks (April): Golden Kamuy Volume 1 GN

Recommended by Sarah Martinez
A new, award-winning manga out of Japan, Golden Kamuy breaks new ground for older readers! Good-guy grenadier and guide grapple for gold against gang of gangrenous gunslingers.

Staff Picks (April): Accel #1

For Daniel DosSantos, being a superhero is a childhood dream come true, and it might just be the change he needed to finally grow up.

Staff Picks (March): Creepshow GN

Recommended by Jim Fallone
Creepshow is a fitting tribute to Bernie Wrightson as he retires from comics, and a reminder of how influential he was as an illustrator and artist.

Staff Picks (March): Mindbender #1

Recommended by Trevor Richardson
Blending elements of sci-fi and psychological thrillers into a tale that challenges expectation even as it defies our assumptions about the mental and physical costs of unlocking true superhuman abilities.

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