Staff Picks (November): Philip K. Dick — A Comics Biography HC

We live in the world Philip K. Dick made.

Perhaps best known as the science-fiction novelist who wrote the books behind the movies Blade Runner and Total Recall and the television series The Man in the High Castle, Dick's career spanned three decades, and his work ranged from alien invasions and post-apocalptic hellscapes to the collapse of reality and even the nature of the divine. Dick’s stories touched the numinous, revealing it to be beyond human comprehension and indifferent, if not outright hostile, to human life.  His protagonists were ordinary people -- plumbers and copywriters, graduate students and record store clerks, door-to-door salesmen and cops -- caught up in adventures that challenged their understanding of the world as Dick explored the fundamental question: what does it mean to be human? 

Laurent Queyssi and Mauro Marchesi explore the real-life story of Dick in NBM's Philip K. Dick: A Comics Biography. Dick's life featured childhood tragedy and poverty, broken relationships and drug abuse, even madness and paranoia. Unable to sell his mainstream fiction, Dick wrote science-fiction at a prodigious rate, publishing four or five novels a year at his peak, because it sold but at the cost of his relationships with his wives, his children, and his friends.  The demons that haunted Dick came through in his work, and his intuitive understanding of people and the brokenness of the world made his work both timeless and prophetic. To understand the mind behind the dysoptian visions of Blade Runner and Total Recall, read Queyssi and Marchesi's Philip K. Dick and discover his tormented life and the art he derived from it.

Wink Shörtendorfer

Publisher: NBM
Item Code: NOV181878
Release Date: 1/30/19
SRP: $24.99

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