Staff Picks (November): Our Super Adventure — Press Start To Begin SC

Have you ever read something immediately connected to it?  Like really connected to it to the point where you feel like you’re being observed and written about?  That is exactly how I felt when I stumbled upon Sarah Graley’s webcomic Our Super Adventure.  There on the internet was the proof that I wasn’t the only woman on Earth who takes the rejection of pet’s affection personally or gasps with such intensity over seeing a cute dog from the car window that the driver fears mortal peril.  Now with Our Super Adventure: Press Start to Begin from Oni Press featuring strips from the hit webcomic diary Our Super Adventure, I can keep the printed proof of not being the only person with my awkward quirks on my bookshelf! 

This first collection of Our Super Adventure chronicles a two-year chunk of life featuring the day to day shenanigans of Sarah, her partner Stef, and their tiny battalion of kitties.  Sarah and Stef’s relationship jumps off the page, and you immediately feel immersed in their lives.  You are essentially a fly on the wall in the flat and get to see how the two live through all their insanely sweet moments together.  Instead of a completely unrealistic and dramatic love affair, Sarah and Stef are entirely relatable and make you laugh aloud over their quirkiness.  Fans of Sarah’s other Oni Press book Kim Reaper will be instantly delighted as you can see hints of Kim and Becka peak through in Sarah and Stef.  Add in Sarah’s signature adorable art style, and what’s not to love?  How else do you think Kim got such a wicked awesome cat eye?  Sarah’s been drawing it on herself for years.

Our Super Adventure: Press Start To Begin proves that the best relationships revolves around pizza, video games, and finding the right person who appreciates you're weird. 

Megan Cosman

Publisher: Oni Press
Item Code: NOV181889
Release Date: 3/13/19
SRP: $19.99

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