Staff Picks (September): Watersnakes

The life of a teenager is a confusing time in your life. There are questions you can’t answer, and some answers are even more confusing to you than the question you asked. Now add a surge of new feelings, a dash of magic, and dreams powerful enough to change the course of a life. Put that all together and you’ve got Watersnakes from The Magnetic Collection by Lion Forge.

Mila, the raven-haired loner has a chance meeting with the mysterious Agnes one day at the beach, and her magical adventure quickly begins. There is something about Agnes that Mila really can’t put her finger on. She’s ghostly pale with icy blonde hair and has the most mesmerizing set of teeth. Teeth that are ghosts and travel the world according to Agnes. She’s rather eccentric, but Mila is completely captivated by her. The two spend the summer together growing closer as Mila’s feelings for Agnes deepen and Agnes hints at Mila’s magical abilities. There may be some truth to claims as the more time Mila spends with Agnes the more intense and surreal her dreams become. When the dreams become real life, will Mila be ready to prove herself? Was there a reason all along that Agnes and Mila met by the water’s edge? You’ll have to read to find out.

Tony Sandoval’s Watersnakes is a magical adventure that irradiates warmth off the pages. Behind the muted colors in the art lies a coming-of-age tale that blends the magic of dreams with the magic of first love. The story and art are perfect fits for fans of Neil Gaiman and Tim Burton with touches of Junji Ito style surrealism in the dream sequences. Sandoval’s writing and illustrating are a delight for the reader to immerse themselves in.

Watersnakes from The Magnetic Collection by Lion Forge leads you under the water and into a world of adventure.

Megan Cosman

Publisher: Magnetic Collection/Lion Forge
Item Code: SEP181867
Release Date: 11/7/18
SRP: $19.99

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