Staff Picks (June): Science Comics — Trees: Kings Of The Forest

Science was a subject I always struggled with in school. I wasn’t one for hard answers that took time and logic to solve. I preferred a creative environment like improvising a skit in drama class or reading a book where my imagination turned the words on the page into a glorious motion picture shown exclusively in my noggin. Sure, memorizing the sun is mass of incandescent gas almost like a gigantic nuclear furnace is easy enough, but that doesn’t make it fun. With their Science Comics series, the folks at :01 First Second Books are set out to make science fun for everybody, including me.

“Fun” is exactly the word that popped in my mind as I read the latest addition to the line; Science Comics: Trees: Kings of the Forest. The story is based an Acorn curious for knowledge about what it takes to be a tree in a worldwide ecosystem, and his tribe of tutors from across the forest who lead him on the field trip of a lifetime to teach him exactly that. Written and illustrated by Andy Hirsch, this brightly-colored graphic novel is a delight to the eyes and easily digestible text that makes you forget that you are learning (or relearning in my case). Remembering the young minds who might be picking up the book, Mr. Hirsch’s writing is witty and quick which helps keep the topic from ever becoming as dry as kindling. Don’t be surprised to find that you’re smiling and giggling the entire way through the book.

Written for children, but still highly enjoyable even for this adult, Science Comics: Trees is an entertaining all-ages book that uses phrases like “arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi” without ever taking itself too seriously or becoming dull. This deliciously adorable story is the perfect book for your favorite scientist, environmentalist, or anybody with a passion for learning.

Megan Cosman

Publisher: :01 First Second Books
Item Code: JUN181777
Release Date: 8/22/18
SRP: $12.99

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