Staff Picks (April): Comic Book Implosion — An Oral History Of DC Comics Circa 1978

The 1970s was an interesting time for comic books, as new creators and series came from both Marvel and DC and, in many cases, were gone just as quick. Marvel became number one in sales and DC, unaccustomed to being number two, decided bigger was better and the war of page count versus price began.

In TwoMorrows Publishing’s Comic Book Implosion: An Oral History of DC Comics Circa 1978, writers Keith Dallas and John Wells present an eyewitness account of the comic book market in 1978. With sales dropping via newsstands and the direct market still new, DC Comics decided fight declining sales by adding more story pages, allowing for higher cover prices that gave newsstands better margins yet at the same time creating a more appealing product to the comic fans.

This "DC Explosion" brought with it many creative new titles but, just weeks after its launch, DC pulled the plug, cancelling numerous titles and leaving stacks of completed comic book stories unpublished, an event that quickly became known as "The DC Implosion."

TwoMorrows Publishing's Comic Book Implosion contains an exhaustive oral history from the creators involved as well as a detailed analysis of how it changed the landscape of comics forever. Drawn from multiple sources as well as Twomorrow Publications years of interviews with creators and publishers, we get a glimpse into the business side of an industry still trying to find that balance between creative success and corporate profitability.

Steven Leaf

Publisher: TwoMorrows Publishing
Item Code: APR181839
Release Date: 7/11/18
SRP: $21.95

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