Staff Picks (April): 100 Demon Dialogues

Sometimes when I pick up a new comic book I’m hit by a thought I had when I first started reading (which, if the older generation of comics readers have been reading since the Dawn of Time, then I can date the beginning of my own comics habit to somewhere around the 15th-century. Yes, I’m an aging Millennial. Get off my lawn! Let me enjoy my avocado toast in peace!):

Not only are comics for everybody, and can be anything, but comics can also do anything. In the case of 100 Demon Dialogues, Lucy Bellwood’s compilation of her 100 day challenge offerings, they can make us feel less alone with our little inner demons.

100 days challenges such as the one Bellwood name-checks dare not just artists, but anyone who wants to create, to make one thing every day for 100 days. It’s a process-based challenge that encourages perseverance over creative blocks and provides an opportunity to re-form creative habits.  

100 Demon Dialogues chronicles Lucy’s struggles with her inner critic: a demanding, adorable little creature that whispers sweet negative nothings in her ear about failure, fear and frustration. Going into this book, I was surprised by the amount of warmth she shows her little worry wart of a demon. Usually when faced with these types of little beasties, humans tend to go on the defensive to destroy them. While Lucy stands up to her little demon, she also feels genuinely sorry for it, and tries to help it.

The personification, and subsequent humanization is a heartwarming reminder that our little demons are part of us. While we don’t have to own what they say as truth, a little compassion for them, and ourselves, might just lead us to brighter days.

100 Demon Dialogues is an inspiring, funny meditation on anxiety and compassion, powerful in its ability to connect people from all walks of life through common struggles.

Leigh Tyberg

Publisher: Toonhound Studios
Item Code: APR181833
Release Date: 6/6/18
SRP: $14.99

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