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Staff Picks (February): Daygloayhole #1

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The world has ended.

Long live the world.

When we think of post-apocalyptic dystopian wastelands, it’s rare that we apply the mundanities of life to them. Daygloayhole does just that, shining a harsh light on the fact that, if the world really were to end, and civilization as we know it was to come crashing down, humans would still be humans, and humans would still suck.

We would still think primarily of ourselves; our happiness, our failures and our problems, possibly even more so without all of the everyday distractions we’ve become accustomed to (technology, entertainment, politics, pornography, et al). We would follow the same patterns, and find ways to keep our habits alive for better or for worse.

Daygloayhole explores these ideas through a nihilistic lens tinted with the self-awareness of a Millennial who knows exactly what the world thinks of him and his generation. Taking place in what used to be New Orleans, where so many people turned to gallows humor in the wake of hurricane Katrina, this feels almost as if it’s an extension of that sensibility. The book touches not only on art (and the fact that art is dead, and it didn’t take an apocalypse to kill it), but social and societal issues as well, including racism, police brutality and gentrification.

Ben Passmore serves humanity’s (and very specifically, America’s) failures to readers not with sadness or anger, but with a resignation that feels real and affecting.

Funny and poignant, Daygloayhole strikes a nerve and leaves you wanting more.

Leigh Tyberg

Publisher: Silver Sprocket
Item Code: FEB181778
Release Date: 4/25/18
SRP: $6.00

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