Staff Picks (October): Quantum & Woody #1

With a heavy portion of Lethal Weapon, a dash of The Odd Couple, and a couple of wrist bangles that give these boys dope powers, Quantum & Woody have returned!  Sure, they can shoot energy out of their hands and apparently can take a beating better than an animated coyote, but at what cost?

Adopted brothers Eric and Woody Henderson would be a lot happier if they never had to look at each other’s ugly mugs again, but they are almost literally attached at the wrist.  Quantum & Woody have to “klang” their wristbands together every twenty-four hours or else they evaporate into nothing.  Every great hero has a weakness, right?  And worse than their impending oblivion, worse than being stuck together for life, their greatest weakness is each other.  Because these two guys have been getting on each other’s nerves for twenty years. 

Somewhere between the squabbling, klanging, Quantum’s brooding approach to crime-fighting and Woody’s immature shenanigans, they have to get some proper superhero-ing done.  But like that cyclical stock car race that is only interesting when something goes wrong and tumultuous crashes ensue, you really read Quantum & Woody to watch them heroically fail – or fail heroically.  But we can at least hope to watch them clumsily succeed.

Quantum & Woody is a super-powered buddy cop comedy, a fan favorite, and it’s back!

Trevor Richardson

Publisher: Valiant Entertainment
Item Code: OCT171904
Release Date: 12/20/17
SRP: $3.95

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Staff Picks (October): The Night (La Nuit) HC

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