Staff Picks (September): The Unquotable Trump GN

Since Trump took office, the references to comic and movie villains rising to the seat of ultimate power in America have abounded.  Social media is rife with comparisons to a real life Biff Tannen from that dark alternate timeline created in Back to the Future 2.  Others recall their disbelief when Lex Luthor became president in the comics, saying we would never be so foolish to elect a super-villain to the presidency.  But we did them one better, foregoing the evil genius for the bombastic bully.

Now a mash-up of comic art and political satire from cartoonist R. Sikoryak gives the silly, pushy, over-the-top declarations of our goofy reality star president appropriate, even hilarious placement in the speech bubbles of villains, hulks, and megalomaniacs.  In a series of reimagined classic comic covers, Sikoryak brings us Wonder Woman as “Nasty Woman,” the Fantastic Four into the “Fantastic Hombres,” and so much more, all while capturing the essence of some of the greatest cover art that made comics history.

It will make you laugh like the Clown Prince of Gotham and mad enough to want to “Smash,” but behind the dramatic homage to the comic greats is a firm reminder of the absurdity of our most recent election. Sad.

Trevor Richardson

Publisher: Drawn & Quarterly
Item Code: SEP171573
Release Date: 11/8/17
SRP: $19.95

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