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Secret Empire Rises This Spring

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Perhaps the world's most recognized hero, an inspiration to millions, Captain America has long harbored a secret – due to the manipulations of the Red Skull, Steve Rogers had his personal history rewritten and has been secretly working for Hydra as a deep cover agent! No longer content to work in secret, Rogers has been making plans that will bring Hydra out of the shadows and into the halls of power, and those plans come to a fruition in Marvel Comics' next event, Secret Empire!

Captain America's pledge of loyalty to Hydra leaves Earth's Super Hero community feeling betrayed by a man they long trusted and idealized. But Earth's heroes have to set aside their feelings of betrayal as Hydra begins to assert itself and take the reins of power the world over, backed up by an invasion of Earth by the Chitauri to crush the last embers of resistance to Hydra's new world order! Earth has faced many threats over the years, from megalomaniacal Super Villains with world dominating plans to alien invasions, but never have the heroes faced such a plan masterminded by one of their own! The Marvel Universe's darkest hour has arrived as the Secret Empire arises!

Nick Spencer, the writer of Captain America: Steve Rogers and Captain America: Sam Wilson, brings years’ worth of plotlines to a head as Steve Rogers' plan threatens to overturn the entire world! Joined by Captain America veteran artist Steve McNiven on the first issue, Marvel’s Secret Empire will test the Avengers, Champions, Defenders, Guardians of the Galaxy, and more, in an unprecedented crucible and will forever change the Marvel Universe!

Betrayed by Captain America and facing a world dominated by Hydra and their alien allies, Earth's heroes face their greatest challenge in Marvel Comics' Secret Empire #1 (MAR170901) this May!

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