Joe Kelly's New Villain Debuts In Spider-Man/Deadpool #9

by Vince Brusio

They both wear red suits. They both like to crack jokes. They’re both super popular in comics and film. And they now share the same stage in an ongoing series. But don’t expect the happy-go-lucky Bro-Fest to continue uninterrupted. The guy from Man of Action Entertainment — yes, the same super scribe who cranks out books like Four Eyes — is going to show us that with the new villain being introduced in Spider-Man/Deadpool #9 (JUL160972), both heroes’ days may be numbered. In this PREVIEWSworld Exclusive interview, writer Joe Kelly gives us the goods on what’s going down for these good guys that like to act like goofballs in between gut punches.

Spider-Man/Deadpool #9 (JUL160972) is in comic shops September 28.


PREVIEWSworld: A new character introduced is always a big deal, granted, but for Spider-Man/Deadpool #9 (JUL160972), we’re being introduced to someone named “Itsy-Bitsy.” Ok. Stop right there. Whenever a character is named after a jingle that your Mom used to sing to you when you were a kid, the creepy factor automatically hits Defcon 4. What are you guys doing to us in this issue?

Joe Kelly: Personally, I'm hoping to drill a tiny hole into your brain where the nightmares live and plant a cold dark seed that blossoms into an ever-present creeping dread... oh, that got dark fast. Um... maybe we're ALSO hoping to introduce a villain that embodies the tone of the series - a little bit wacky, a little bit dark, and a mix of Spidey and Deadpool. And Nightmares.

PREVIEWSworld: So who’s the real-world model(s) for this new villain? How did you galvanize the character in your mind?

Joe Kelly: If you lived in my house, you would know... oh would you understand the darkness. I've said too much.

For me, a character like this comes to life on the page. Seeing how they handle themselves in a situation, in dialogue, etc., is more informative than trying to make up their Wiki entry from scratch.

PREVIEWSworld: To hear the voice in your head before writing dialogue, or to envision how the body language would look before drawing it on the page, what media references did you use in accumulating the building blocks of life that would give this character vocal chords and appendages?

Joe Kelly: With every character I try to experiment and play until I hit a rhythm that feels organic and unique. That's the goal anyway. If that doesn't work, I usually have a spare disembodied voice or two whispering to me that does nicely in a pinch.

In this case, I have a very clear sense of who the character is. She's knows exactly what to say to upset you, freak you out, disarm you... clever but really base and nasty.

PREVIEWSworld: What thought was given to the character’s mind (cleverness), or ticks that the character might display? Or are these details that will emerge later? Do Spidey and Deadpool immediately bring about the worst in this character, or are we only to see the tip of the iceberg in this issue?

Joe Kelly: Just the tip. Itsy has got layers for sure, but in round one she comes on strong and saucy. Maybe later, if everyone is good and does their chores, we'll get to the deeper levels. But she'll have plenty of affectations in this first appearance. That's part of what sets a character in your mind - so long as those "tics" make sense.

PREVIEWSworld: What was the fun factor like on this book? Were you laughing like a hyena as you played with the new toy, or was it more like your first day on the job, and you were doing your most to make the best lasting impression?

Joe Kelly: Both, actually, but with an eye towards the latter.

I love cooking up things that will upset Ed to draw, as he's a much nicer person than I am. So I laugh with glee every time I come up with new ways to disturb him. That said, we want to create a character that will endure and can hopefully stand on its own... before she sneaks into your room and hides in your closet.

Got creepy again, there. Yeah.


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