Staff Picks (June): Fredric Brown's Martians, Go Home


While reading through Fredric Martian’s Martians, Go Home I was reminded of the episode "Who Watches the Watchers" from Star Trek: The Next Generation. In this episode a group of scientists are observing a Bronze Age alien race called the Mintakans from a hidden outpost on their planet. The outpost is compromised and the lesser developed civilization is immediately confronted with 24th-century technology. These people who lived in huts and hunt with bows are immediately face to face with a different species that can instantly transport from one place to another. To them, the crew of the Enterprise appeared as gods.

Luckily for the Mintakans the crew of the Enterprise had their best intentions at heart, Unfortunately for the people of Earth in Fredric Brown’s Martians, Go Home, the shoe is on the other foot. This time the aliens are coming to a lesser developed planet with a different set of intentions. In Independence Day, a more advanced civilization came to steal our resources. In Predator, they came to hunt us. In this book, the Martians come to earth to troll us and all our “disgusting habits”.

Martians have evolved beyond us. They have better technology, a more advanced civilization. They appear as gods of chaos. Their only vice seems to be that they love to play practical jokes on us unsuspecting normal humans.

Be sure to pick up Fredric Brown’s Martins, Go Home this August and see how long it takes for civilization as we know it to crash and burn.


—Matthew Demory

Publisher: Sequential Pulp Comics
Item Code:
Release Date: 08/31/16
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