Avengers Make A Stand

Behind the picket fences, the manicured lawns, and the tended gardens, small towns hold secrets, and Pleasant Hill is no different.

But where most towns have secrets of a mundane sort, Pleasant Hill's secrets are dangerous, even deadly, and those secrets will lead to the All-New All-Different Marvel's first crossover event in Avengers Standoff!: Assault on Pleasant Hill Alpha#1 (JAN160762) from Nick Spencer and Jesus Saiz!

The secrets of Pleasant Hill have a personal stake for former Captain America Steve Rogers and All-New Captain America Sam Wilson.

Estranged over politics and personal matters, the danger posed in Pleasant Hill will force the two men to overlook their differences to save a friend and end the threat.

But this threat is bigger than them, and they will call on friends and allies to save Pleasant Hill from an unspeakable evil!

The crossover event kicks off in the Avengers Standoff!: Assault on Pleasant Hill Alpha issue from Spencer and Saiz, then continues through March and April in issues of Sam Wilson, Captain America; All-New, All-Different Avengers; Uncanny Avengers; New Avengers; Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.; and more titles. 

The mysteries of Pleasant Hill will be revealed, heroes will make desperate decisions, and the Avengers teams of the All-New All-Different Marvel will face their greatest battle!

More than simply an Avengers crossover, Avengers Standoff! also celebrates 75 years of Marvel Comics' patriotic icon, Captain America. Avengers Standoff! will captivate readers with an epic story that both draws on the past and looks ahead to the future, starring Marvel Comics' biggest characters.

The Avengers event of the spring kicks off the March in Avengers Standoff!: Assault on Pleasant Hill Alpha, and it kicks off an anniversary Captain America story that that no Marvel Comics fan will want to miss!

Avengers Standoff!: Assault on Pleasant Hill Alpha#1 (JAN160762) is in comic shops March 2.

Click on the checklist to see it at full size!

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