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Staff Picks (February): Supertemporal GN

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Three super genius scientist friends discover the secrets of time travel and travel 100 years in the future where they discover the destruction of the human race has occurred and only the crumbling rubble of society remains. Now, they begin their real adventure to discover what cause the catastrophe and time travel some more to prevent it from actually occurring. You get the gist, but Axiom’s newest graphic novel Supertemporal takes this story a little further that what we have seen before.

Creator and writer Howard M. Shum (Gun Fu), who has done work for Image, DC, and Dark Horse, is no stranger to comic storytelling, and his science-fiction romp through time and space has a depth that other comics of the same genre don’t always capture. The characters have fleshed-out personalities (some we like, some we don't), the dialogue is dynamic, and Shum actually takes the time to make sense of the situation. You are not going to be stuck with a bunch of unexplained probabilities; this is not a story that turns a blind eye to the actual science that can go on when dealing with... well, science.

Not to mention, Italian artist Simone Arena's super fluid and richly-colored art really adds to the story's multidimensionality! She's got a more animation-like style that moves well from panel to panel and really builds upon the narrative in a unique way.

Supertemporal with its strong art and writing is a serious page turner. If sci-fi adventures with a bit of comedy are your thing, this book is without a doubt a great one to pick up!

—Caitlin McCabe

Article Image 8df5Publisher: Axiom
Item Code: FEB151019
Release Date:
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