Staff Picks (August14): Memetic


Publisher: BOOM! Studios

You hop on the internet, visit any social media site (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.), and you will undoubtedly be bombarded with the latest, most sensational meme. But what if one day your casual perusal of the web leads to an encounter with the latest, most sensational killer meme‽ And what if the millions of casual views of this killer meme incite all out suicidal and homicidal memetic warfare‽ Society reduced to rubble in 72 hours by the “Good Times Sloth‽” Welcome to the world of BOOM! Studios newest series, Memetic!

Written and drawn by creative team James Tynion IV (The Woods, Batman Eternal) and Eryk Donovan (The House in the Wall), Memetic takes on the (post) apocalyptic, speculative horror genre with the fast-paced story of the time when a seemingly harmless meme literally went viral… and destroyed the world!

Unlike other speculative narratives, though, this team is not shy about jumping right into the bedlam. From page one you live the chaos and confusion as you follow Aaron Sumner, a 19-year old average everyday college freshman, as his world unravels around him.

Cleverly weaving a literal and visual narrative out of social media posts, text messages, news broadcasts, amongst other media portals we have come to rely upon on a daily basis this is a true story of the times — an edge of your seat, hair-raising horror story in a similar vein to The Ring for a new generation of information inundated, globally connected, sensation craving readers.

This team is onto something with this three-part mini-series. I’m hooked and eagerly awaiting issue #2. Perhaps you’ll pick up the book, too, get a little drawn in, maybe recommend it to a few friends, and next thing you know we looking at the next, latest (maybe sensational) comic series of October!

~ Caitlin McCabe

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