Staff Picks (May14): Star Trek #35


Publisher: IDW Publishing

In my opinion, actor John de Lancie brought one of the most memorable Star Trek rogues to life in the pilot episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. An omnipotent being known only as Q who often used his powers irresponsibly and for his own amusement. He was a being with the power to destroy entire solar systems with snap of the fingers or if he felt like celebrating he could snap those same fingers, create a mariachi band from nothingness, start dancing, and handing out cigars to the crew.
You never really knew what was going to happen with Q and that was the fun of the character. He knew every conceivable way to get under Captain Picard's skin even going as far as to steal Vash, one of Picard's few love interests.
Luckily for us Q didn't limit his harassment of Starfleet commanding officers to just Jean-Luc Picard. He visited space station Deep Space Nine to harass then Commander Ben Sisko and dropped in on the Voyager crew several times even dragging Captain Janeway into a Q civil war where each combatant was as powerful as Q himself.
In IDW's Star Trek #35 by scribe Mike Johnson, Q is going to get the opportunity to harass a different Starfleet Captain for the first time as Q matches wits with the original Captain of the Enterprise, James T. Kirk. Like Q, Kirk has a mischievous side having cheated to win the "unbeatable" Kobayashi Maru scenario in Star Fleet Academy. Captain Kirk doesn’t believe in a no win scenario. He defeated the genetically engineered Khan Noonien Singh, outwitted the Greek god Apollo, and has had fisticuffs with a Gorn.
Be sure to beam to your local comic shop this July and pick up Star Trek #35 and see Kirk tangle with one of the most powerful beings this side of the Alpha Quadrant!

~ Matt Demory

Item Code: MAY140509
In Stores: 7/02/14
SRP: $ 3.99
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