Staff Picks (May14): Sparks TP


Publisher: Sideshow Productions

In an age where costumed superheroes are even more prevalent in comics as well as the big screen, there are still indie creators finding new ways to approach the genre and Sparks has managed to find a unique voice in both mediums.
Despite his lack of formal training, Sparks is a masked vigilante driven to remove crime from his city during the 1940’s. Eager to win the fight against crime, Sparks teams up with several other costumed vigilantes along the way but, just when things couldn’t get much better, they suddenly go horribly wrong. Sparks soon realizes that there is serious danger and a dark-side to the world of vigilantism which tears his life apart in and out of the mask. Though Sparks suddenly finds himself with few friends and allies left, he can’t help but be a hero when he’s needed most and he will stop at nothing to solve the super-powered conspiracy plaguing his town and eventually punish those responsible.
Sparks is a masked hero story wrapped in hard-boiled detective noir mystery. Now recently adapted into a feature motion picture of the same name, Christopher Folino (the creator of both the comic and movie) will show readers of the graphic novel and audiences of the film a fresh take on superheroes that rests comfortably between Spider-Man and Sin City.

~ Jay Spence

Item Code: MAY141581
In Stores: 7/02/14
SRP: $ 19.99
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