Staff Picks (May14): Extinction Parade — War #1/Extinction Parade TP Volume 1


Publisher: Avatar Press

From Avatar Press and Max Brooks, writer of the critically acclaimed New York Times best-selling novel and feature film World War Z, comes a follow up to the Vampire, Zombie, Human war Extinction Parade. In the first volume of Extinction Parade (being collected in a trade paperback in this very issue of PREVIEWS!) we see a Vampire race that has sat at the top of the food chain for generations.
Instead of a species of dominant Vampire hunters keen on stamping their heel against Humanity and the rest of the world we are treated to a race of complacent aristocratic Vampires whom have grown weak without any true threat to their position in the food chain. Its not until a zombie apocalypse strikes that they are taken completely aback and witness the first true threat to their race in generations. If the zombies force humanity to extinction then Vampires as a species will starve and they too will go extinct.
Its take a little while but the Vampires have opened their eyes to the reality of their situation and are ready to start taking the battle to the zombie hordes. If they can tip the scales in Humanity's plight against a zombie apocalypse they'll secure their future food source. Will they be up to the task or have years of living in luxury taken their toll on the Vampire race leaving them unequal to the task?
Pick up Extinction Parade: War #1 written by Max Brooks with art by Raulo Caceres and find out!

~ Matt Demory

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