Staff Picks (May14): Back Issue #75


Publisher: Twomorrows Publishing

Today we seem to be seeing a rebirth of the indie publishing movement – Abstract Studios going strong, Cartoon Books and Jeff Smith with a new series, and Gary Reed bringing back Caliber. We see publishers like BOOM!, IDW, Image, and Dark Horse offer titles that years ago would have been self-published and through them get a wider audience.

As we read about in Back Issue #75 from TwoMorrows publishing the 80s was a high point in indie publishing whether it was the self-publishing begun in the seventies by Dave Sim with Cerebus or Elfquest by Richard and Wendy Pini or by new publishers like Dark Horse, Kitchen Sink Press, and Pacific Comics, there was more than what the big two offered for decades.

In an interview with Richard and Wendy Pini we get a chance to see the birth of the wolfriders and what was to become Father Tree Press as the history and future of Elfquest is discussed.  There is also an article of Dave Sim and Cerebus as we get to look at this creation from its early life as a semi-Conan parody to a series of satire, social commentary and philosophy.
Dave Scroggy reminiscence’s about the early days of Pacific Comics as one of the leaders in creator’s rights. The talent Pacific had working on their books was legend….ary  and was the template for companies like first Comics, Eclipse and many others.

If you were with Dark Horse at their beginnings you may remember Boris the Bear but it was Dark Horse Presents #1 featuring Blass Cross on the cover but it will be remembered for introducing us to Concrete. A great interview with Concrete creator Paul Chadwick provides us with a lesson on the creative process as well as the practical side of the business as well as how comics can be and are used for propagandizing a viewpoint.

This is only the tip of what is offered in this issue of Back Issue and this magazine is a must have if you find the history of comics to be just as interesting than the comics you see in your shops on Wednesdays.

~ Steve Leaf

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