Staff Picks (Apr14): Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles — Turtles in Time #1


Publisher: IDW Publishing

Turtles in Time! The videogame was the best in the arcade. (Four player!) I darn near wore out my SNES cartridge. (I’m still the reigning champion of throwing foot ninja. Think you’re good? Step up; let’s go.) The original Turtles comics featuring Renet the Time Mistress was some of the most exciting in the Mirage pantheon! I’m so excited for this upcoming Turtles In Time series that I can barely see straight. Beyond the guaranteed dinosaurs (gotta have some time with dinosaurs. It’s a fact, jack!) and awesome artist Ross Campbell on interiors (his Renet rocks some clocks!), there’s so many exciting mysteries tied to this series. When else are they going? How do they blend in with all those crazy time periods? (A true ninja is always a master of himself and his environment, you know.) If I get my hands on a time scepter any time soon, you know I’ll skip right across all 4 Wednesdays and get my new comic book fix in a quick scoop!  Until then, I guess my SNES and I will just have to wait… COWABUNGA!

~ Sarah Martinez

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