New Trailer For The Amazing Spider-Man 2

He's back swinging over the rooftops of New York. Sally Field is once again Aunt May. And now Harry Osborn is back in the picture passing along information which makes Harry wonder why Peter Parker was a such an object of his father's fascination. Why did Peter Parker matter more to Norman Osborn than his own son? But to know a secret means to accept the cost of a secret. Is Peter Parker ready to pay such a price? Is knowing truth truly worth the cost of human life? One thing's for sure: despite whatever knowledge Peter is aiming to learn, there's no time for study hall as Electro is hitting the streets of the Big Apple, and he's causing collateral damage faster than bids placed on The Price Is Right. Oh, and then there's that matter with The Rhino. Oh, and his girlfriend Gwen might be caught in a crossfire.

All in all, it's just another day for Peter Parker in the The Amazing Spider-Man 2, coming to theaters this May.

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