Staff Picks (Jan14): Chronos Commandos TP


Publisher: Titan Comics

If you’ve stopped to watch any shows about World War II on the History Channel, or you’ve seen your fair share of Indiana Jones movies, then you know that WWII was a big motivation for the development of new technology and both sides strived for the best toys. There are a lot of myths and legends about what the Nazis did and did not develop in secret bunkers across Europe, but Chronos Commandos tackles a very big scenario where both sides not only fight across continents but across time.

“Sarge” is the leader of an American squad of soldiers calling themselves Chronos Commandos. With the invention of time travel, the Nazis look to manipulate the prehistoric era to help influence the outcome of the present-day war but not if “Sarge” can help it. With both sides traveling back and forth in time, the war rages on between man and prehistoric beast. With the help of Albert Einstein himself, “Sarge’s” objective is to stop the Nazis from changing our future at all costs, but getting back to his own time in one piece would be a bonus.

Indiana Jones meets King Kong in Chronos Commandos, a “diesel-punk” story for a variety of readers. War buffs, sci-fi readers and even creature fans all have something in the mix to be excited about. If you missed the initial run of this comic series, now is the time to relive the past with the trade collection.

~ Jay Spence

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