Staff Picks (Dec13): The Bunker #1


Publisher: Oni Press

Oni Press is on a winning streak! This month Bunker gets added to Oni's excellent repertoire delivering high-class psychological suspense and mind-bending, hair-raising science fiction that literally throws the (post) apocalyptic genre into the Twilight Zone.

The story follows five friends who go into the woods to bury a time capsule but instead come across a bunker filled with relics left by their future selves describing an apocalypse they brought about — an apocalypse they can either prevent, ignore, or exacerbate. From page one master story-teller Joshua Fialkov (I, Vampire, Ultimates) takes the reader through a mental and physical time warp that is only further intensified by Joe Infurnari (Marathon) hauntingly captivating artwork. If you like psychological horror, science fiction that disrupts the very laws of space and time, or simply looking for something fresh and exciting that will keep you coming back for more, Bunker is that series and an absolute must!

~ Caitlin McCabe

Item Code: DEC131233
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SRP: $3.99
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