Scott Allie Previews Dark Horse's 2014 Titles

Dark Horse Comics is pulling out all the stops for 2014. PREVIEWSworld caught up with Editor-In-Chief Scott Allie to discuss some of the big announcements that were made at this year's New York Comic Con.

Allie's personal favorite comic announced was Greg Rucka's Veil. He explained "Greg, I think, is known for creating really amazing female characters. His latest book at Image, Lazarus, does that, Batwoman did that, and Queen and Country. He’s done a lot of books where he’s created incredible female characters and Veil fits with those characters, and yet is unlike anything you’ve seen before. There will be lots of surprises for people."

Next year also see the much anticipated return of Serenity.

"We’re really happy to have Zack Whedon, Joss's Brother, writing the series for us," said Allie. "We just got a great team that works really really well together, and the first issue’s done. It looks gorgeous, and it comes out in January."

Wrapping things up, we asked about the upcoming 20th anniversary of Hellboy.

"Seed of Destruction #1 came out in March of 1994. And this coming March we’re doing a lot of different things to celebrate it. We’re going to have an art book that's Mike’s handpicked retrospective of the last 20 years." Allie finished by adding one last nugget: "We’re doing a promotion with variant covers for BPRD!"

Watch the video below to find more about what Dark Horse Comics has coming in 2014!

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