Staff Picks (Nov13): Snowpiercer HC


Publisher: Titan Comics

¬Snowpiercer experiences the perfect storm as it reaches North American readers for the first time.

In the wake of a sudden ice age, most of humanity is lost and the remaining survivors now live on a self-propelling locomotive with a thousand and one cars towed behind it. The train acts as a mobile city, never stopping as it circles the globe. Like any other city, the Snowpiercer is divided into classes of people from the very wealthy up front, to the very poor at the back of the train. While the wealthy stay at the front of the train, enjoying the benefits of Earth’s last resources, the lower-class are confined to the rear, struggling to survive. Now, a mutiny on the rails is evident. If the lower-class can organize a rebellion and manage to make their way to the locomotive at the front, they may be able to change their destiny and the future of humanity.

There are a lot of lesser-known comic gems out there begging for an English translation and, finally, Snowpiercer is now one of the lucky ones to come our way.

~ Jay Spence

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SRP: $19.99
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