PREVIEWS: Three Hundred Issues

 Well, we did it… 300 issues. 25 years of PREVIEWS catalogs. Don’t tell anyone, but I once ranted this gem of a remark: “After issue 300, I am done!” Now, I can’t remember what it was that set me off at the time, but obviously I calmed down and as far as I know, I’m not going anywhere in the immediate future.

 I’ve spent over half my life working on this publication, starting back in 1988. Back then, I never dreamed that it would go on this long. But then I never really thought about going anywhere else either. I just feel at home here, and PREVIEWS has been a big part of my home away from home for all these years.

 As I stated last month, our 300th issue has been on my mind for a long time. I had high hopes for using one of our covers to try to pull together a sort of jam cover featuring one of the biggest assemblages of comic book characters ever for a kind of a “Sgt. Pepper”-style layout (with the publishers’ cooperation, of course). Unfortunately, “commerce” won over “comic books”, and what was previously a rare, unclaimed PREVIEWS cover, got sold right out from under me! Cue sad trombone sound.

 So, anyway, we now greet this landmark 300th issue without a gimmicky cover, but with much joy and recollections of times past. I’ve had a blast working on this catalog for all these years, and have made some lasting friendships over the years with folks I worked side-by-side with each month, some of whom no longer work here. But like soldiers in a foxhole under heavy fire, we weathered all of the many storms that came our way in producing each issue of PREVIEWS, and came out of the experience stronger, and a closer-knit band of nerd brothers and sisters… at least that’s how I’d like to remember it.

 So from myself and the entire staff of PREVIEWS — be they from today or from the start of our publication 25 years ago: Thanks to you for joining us here each month! You’re the reason why we knock this book out every month. And although I can’t say I’ll be here in another 25 years, like the comic book industry itself, I still have a few good years left in me!

Your Pal @ PREVIEWS,




PREVIEWS Staff Celebrates Issue 300!
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