Staff Picks (Jul13): Marada The She Wolf


Publisher: Titan Comics

Chris Claremont is widely recognized for his work on Uncanny X-Men, having penned several iconic stories in the X-Men franchise. Now, Titan Comics is bringing Claremont's Marada the She Wolf back to print. As always, Claremont's writing is top notch but artist John Bolton's realistic style adds a lot of emotion with not only the body language of the characters he draws but subtle facial expressions that make the reader feel what those characters are feeling in that moment.

There is an image where Marada faces a demon wielding a flaming sword. She meets her opponent in battle but the look on her face communicates a resignation of fate. That she meets this monster in battle with the knowledge that despite her strength and skill the battle may be hopeless. Subtle touches like this really bring the book to life and complement Claremont's writing.

Initially the project was going to be a Red Sonja book but Marvel lost the rights. Claremont and artist John Bolton were not deterred and gave their main character a make over giving her silver hair, a new back story rooted in the Roman Empire, and a new name. To top it off she's also a direct descendant of a Caesar too!

The result is a thrilling adventure starring a warrior woman that deals with enemies and her men on her terms. Marada squares off against raiders, demons, sorcerers, and more. This addition from Titan Books also includes the never before collected story “Wizards Masque”.

Fans of sword and sorcery fantasy and Chris Claremont's work will not be disappointed. Pick up Marada the She Wolf from Titan Comics!

~ Tim Lenaghan

Item Code: JUL131283
In Stores:  11/13/13
SRP: $24.99
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