Staff Picks (January 13): Channel Evil TP


Publisher: Renegade Arts Entertainment

The media sometimes gets a bad reputation for lies, greed and gluttony but, within the pages of Channel Evil, we see that things can get a heck of a lot worse when it brings to the surface the kind of evil the human race only knows of in folklore.

Jez Manson is a TV celebrity with his own show and a tendency to say anything he desires. Some would say Jez is evil based on the selfish things he’s done, but the ultimate evil has found its way to Jez and its set its sights on him. Through Jez, Hell has found a gate to our world and it begins to slowly eat away at his mind as it searches for the key. Hell begins to manifest itself through Jez and terrible things will all come to a head on live TV.

Like American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman on a psychological meltdown made famous by Hunter S. Thompson, Channel Evil is a visual journey to the point of madness.

~Jay Spence

Item Code: JAN131257
In Stores: 03/13/13
SRP: $19.99
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