Gillen Deals With AvX Consequences While Reinventing Young Avengers

Kieron Gillen has many irons in the fire at Marvel Comics. He just finished his run writing Uncanny X-Men and is now in the middle of dealing with the aftermath of Avengers Vs. X-Men with his five-issue series AvX: Consequences.

"After all the chaos and the fury of AvX we step back and see how this actually affects the superheroes," said Gillen. "It's a really good way to do the status quo and explore that area before it explodes again into Marvel NOW!"

With the launch of Marvel NOW! Gillen is now the writer of Iron Man and a brand new volume of Young Avengers.

"I had to reinvent the book completely while trying to keep true to it's core emotional values," Gillen said about Young Avengers. "I've tried to reinvent the superhero team comic book for the 21st century and you say that with a straight face almost. We just want to push it as far as it can go."

So with all of that on his mind how does it keep it together?

"I don't sleep very much, I toss and turn in the night -- infact I go out and fight crime," Gillen said jokingly.

Maybe that's where he gets all his ideas!

Watch the PREVIEWSworld video interview with writer Kieron Gillen as he talks about AvX Consequences and Young Avengers:

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