Staff Picks (November 12): The Disturbingly Perverted Diary of Doktormentor: Jail Babe Surgeon Vol 1


Publisher: Shh! Productions

What happens when you combine a Playboy magazine with a horror film and put it in comic book form? It turns out, the result is a strange, hybrid concept with an incredibly long name. Still not sure yet what to expect? Well that’s probably because it has to be seen to be believed.

Far outside the realm of “normal,” Doktormentor isn’t anything close to the other comic books you may have read.  The titular character, a grotesque mad scientist, is looking to conduct fiendish experiments on the sexy but unlucky inmates serving “hard time” in this all-female-prison. Like a strange, late-night cable movie you can’t help but watch, this group of half-naked prisoners attempt to avoid the scientist’s clutches all while scheming for escape and “entertaining” themselves and each other during their down-time.

You can’t take it seriously but the book isn’t asking you to.  This book is only concerned with fun and some of it is even more so in 3-D! Sure, there are erotic movies, there are monster movies, and there are women-in-prison movies, but when was the last time you heard of an erotic, women-in-prison movie with monsters?

~ Jay Spence

Item Code: NOV121296
In Stores: 1/30/13
SRP: $29.95
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