Staff Pick (August12): The American Comic Book Chronicles 1960-1964


Publisher: Twomorrows Publishing
Item Code:AUG121321
SRP: $39.95
PREVIEWS Page #346
In Shops: 11/14/2012

With all the reboots, zero issues, identity reconfigurations, it’s sometime more entertaining to read about comics than actually read a comic.  I’ve always enjoyed reading about the history of comics going back to the days of mimeographed copies of Alter Ego to offset printed 'zines like Masquerader and Heroes Hangout.

Twomorrows Publishing is introducing a new series of full-color hardcovers, The American Comic Book Chronicles, that covers the history of comics decade by decade and year by year, no hot tub or TARDIS required.

The first volume, written by John Wells, covers the first half of the 60s, an era that set the groundwork for the rebirth of super-hero comics.  The “return” of heroes like Green Lantern, Hawkman, and others where new identities and origins were created to update a hero. The JSA gave way to the Justice League of America, and Stan and Jack began making waves and history as Cadence, soon to become better known as Marvel Comics.

Yet with the return of heroes Dell comics were still good comics, Sugar & Spike were still talking baby talk, Pop’s Chock'lit Shoppe was still feeding Jughead and Betty, Veronica and Archie were still slurping out of that same malted.

I am so looking forward to the first book in this series, The American Comic Book Chronicles 1960-1964 as it was a time of change in America and a time of change in entertainment and for some of us considered “fanboys” it was time for the biggest changes in our hobby.

I’ve never been disappointed in any books or magazines coming from Twomorrows and I’m all ready to sit back a read about the pre Mylar, slab, graded days of comics when the big two meant Huntley & Brinkley, Lucy & Ricky, Maris & Mantle, but definitely Stan and Jack.

~ Steve Leaf

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