Staff Pick (April12): A.K.A. GN


Publisher: Skatoon Productions
Item Code: APR121220
SRP: $19.99
PREVIEWS Page #314
In Shops: 05/30/12

In the 1970’s, “grindhouse” cinema was breaking the boundaries of filmmaking with new, often extreme, approaches to the ideas of violence, crime, sexuality, and even humor, but the comic book world was a different story. Decades later, comic books have “grown up”. Books like A.K.A. are exploring these same extremes, breaking their own boundaries of the medium, and channeling the past now in order to deliver the type of “grindhouse” story the comic book world failed to deliver then.

“The Black Terror of Harlem”, aka, Adrian Truelove, is the crazy SOB who managed to earn one million dollars on his head by fathering the child of a mob boss’ daughter. Guy Doyle, the boss’ right-hand man, has been given the order to find Truelove and make an example of him. Guy Doyle is the best of the best but “The Black Terror” earned his name for a reason and he isn’t going to make it easy for Doyle.

As a love-letter to “grindhouse” cinema, A.K.A. pulls out all the stops for fans of the crude and aggressive action cinema of the 1970’s. Everything from the classic “film opening” sequence, to the “aged” page design, draws readers into this modern reincarnation of cult cinema. There are a lot of comics out there (and other forms of media for that matter) attempting to channel an era and style of decades past, but A.K.A. is a book that does it right and does it with complete honesty.

~Jay Spence

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