Wizard #130 Getting Spidey/Black Cat Cover

Wizard Entertainment will publish Wizard #130 with a third alternate cover, featuring Spider-Man & Black Cat, by Terry Dodson.

The cover will complement an interview on the inside about the characters' upcoming mini-series, The Evil That Men Do, illustrated by Terry & Rachel Dodson and written by Kevin Smith.

The issue will also contain a first look at George Perez's art for DC & Marvel's JLA/Avengers crossover, news and art on Jim Lee's Batman project, a 22-page preview of Avengers #57 by Geoff Johns & Kieron Dwyer, and an offer to order the limited-edition "Berserker" Wolverine Heroclix from WizKids' new collectible miniatures game.

The new cover edition can be ordered under the item code APR025011 for $4.99. Copies of the issue with a Wolverine cover (APR021957, $4.99) by Ethan Van Sciver or an Avengers cover (APR021958W, $4.99) by John Cassaday -- are also available.
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