The latest addition to the JLA TROPHY ROOM is the paramount replica for any Wonder Woman aficionado!
All in one place is the Amazon warrrior's gear - the tiara, two gauntlet bracelets, and the Lasso of Truth.
* Tiara is stamped and plated in gold-tone metal with a translucent star detail, measuring 2.75" high (front top point) and 1.5" high (sides)
* x 6.5" wide x 7.25" deep.
* Bracelets are plated in silver-tone metal, each measuring 5.25" high x 2.625" wide (top) and 3.25" wide (bottom) x 2.25" deep.
* The base is sculpted cold-cast porcelain, Classical Greek-inspired to display all the components of the replica in one place, and features a silver display plaque. It measures 7.25" high (to the top of the column) and 11" high (entire piece) x 9.75" wide x 9.5" deep.
* The lasso is comprised of braided gold-tone material with gold metal-plated endcaps, and measures 60" in length.
Packaged in a 4-color box, with a 4-color Certificate of Authenticity. Limited Edition. Manufactured to order.
Advance-solicited; on sale September 1, 2010 * Prop Replica * $325 US
In Shops: Jan 26, 2011
SRP: $325.00
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