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            The dominant view in the scientific community is that a “Big Bang” created the universe. With one wildly imaginative idea, Thrill House and 3D artist Michael Todd are set to prove them wrong with Cryptid: Creating a Universe!

            Cryptid is a story created in the spirit of the classic pulp adventures of the 1930's. Protagonist Kipling McKay is a soldier/big game hunter cast in the mold of such great pulp heroes as Doc Savage or Alan Quartermain; He has been recruited by a secret society of cryptozoologists to hunt down and capture creatures of legend known as “Cryptids.” During Kip's adventures he joins forces with a powerful Yeti and a beautiful scientist. The story has heaping doses of suspense, action adventure and humor.

            This concept has inspired a plethora of artists to come forward and add their distinctive styles to the project. Simon Bisley, Mike Mignola, Frank Frazetta, and Alex Horley are all artists who will be lending their talents to Todd’s brave new world.

            In a recent News-a-rama interview, Michael Todd explained, “While working in the feature animation industry I saw what it took to develop a strong Intellectual Property and realized Cryptid's potential in every conceivable market, and so I left to develop Cryptid full time. I was lucky to team-up with first Dave Elliott, then Michael Town and Ronald Shusett, who all clearly understood my goals to develop Cryptid for multiple markets: A comic, a film, a video game, toys, and so on.”

            With a wealth of talent and crossover potential, this ambitious project is sure to have fans salivating. This 80-page, full-color, hardcover introduction to the Cryptid universe is also available as a signed, limited edition, variant. Look for it in this month’s Comics Section of Previews!

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