The World of Mass Effect Continues in Comics

By Mike Szymanski

This past weekend I spent most of my time revisiting the world of Mass Effect in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. A remastered version of one of the most acclaimed video game series from the Xbox 360 and PS3 era. It's a masterfully created sci-fi universe from the minds at Bioware with a deep lore and history that spans three massive games.

A history and lore further explored by canon comic books put out by Dark Horse during the heyday of the original releases of the games. So if you are replaying these classic games or enjoying them for the first time, consider picking up some of the below products from Dark Horse to help complete that Mass Effect experience.

Thankfully, Dark Horse has put out a huge collection of every Mass Effect comics book series with the Mass Effect Complete Comics Collection TP (JUL208719) recently, so it's pretty much all you need to pick up if you want the continue your adventures in the Milky Way Galaxy in between play sessions or if you are craving more after completing the trilogy. The Art of the Mass Effect Trilogy Expanded Edition (OCT200274) goes behind the scenes of the series and is a great companion for new and old fans alike. Really you can't go wrong with either of these.

And don't forget some of the other goodies Dark Horse has in store for Mass Effect fans like puzzles and patches! Pick up any of the items below now at your local comic shop. No matter which shop you visit it's bound to be Commander Sheppard's favorite store on the Citadel.

(W) Mac Walters, John Jackson Miller, Jeremy Barlow (A) Gabriel Guzman (CA) Massimo Carnevale
Mass Effect's vibrant world is teeming with conflict, and always on the edge of tipping into despair-but there are some who still struggle to maintain order in the chaos and secure the future of the galaxy. Join Liara as she teams up with the Drell Feron to recover the body of Commander Shepard from the Shadow Broker, uncover the origins of the Illusive Man in an epic tale of betrayal and discovery, and witness Aria defend the space station Omega from Cerberus forces, as well as the internal conflicts at Cerberus and the lives of the agents who serve it. Also included in this volume are collected stories of characters you love like Garrus, Tali'Zorah, and Wrex, and the series Discovery which follows the Turian soldier Tiran Kandros.

This book compiles all of the Mass Effect comic book series in one affordable, accessible, and comprehensive format-a must buy for fans of the Mass Effect universe and BioWare.
In Shops: Oct 21, 2020
SRP: $39.99

(W) BioWare
Expanded with hundreds of never-before-seen artworks, this new edition delves deeper than ever into the sci-fi saga that changed video games forever.

Contains extensive new material from the DLCs for all three games-including the award-winning "Lair of the Shadow Broker" from Mass Effect 2 and the fan-favorite "Citadel" from Mass Effect 3.

Experience the evolution of the aliens, planets, ships, and technology that define this iconic science- fiction universe, as the developers who brought BioWare's masterpiece to life take you from the earliest design sketches through to the meticulous final renders.
In Shops: Apr 21, 2021
SRP: $39.99

Puzzle measures 20" x 27", 1,000 pieces / $19.99
The first chapter of the acclaimed Mass Effect trilogy starts as a hunt to bring the rogue Spectre Saren to justice. We soon find heroes are needed to uncover the mystery of an ancient machine race that ruthlessly invades our galaxy every 50,000 years. This gorgeous puzzle showcases art of the first chapter of the groundbreaking trilogy
In Shops: Jun 30, 2021
SRP: $19.99
PREVIEWS Page #105

The second chapter of the acclaimed Mass Effect Trilogy begins with the death of our hero Commander Shepherd. Two years later, Shepherd and the Normandy are miraculously resurrected by the fringe paramilitary group, Cerberus. This stunning puzzle showcases our once revered hero and the troupe of fellow outcasts that work to save humanity and the rest of the galaxy from a new mysterious threat.
In Shops: Jul 14, 2021
SRP: $19.99
PREVIEWS Page #111

The epic conclusion of the Mass Effect trilogy begins six months after the successful events of Mass Effect 2.  But those events only delayed the inevitable as Earth is overwhelmed in a catastrophic invasion. This stunning 1000-piece puzzle showcases the ultimate fates of the galaxy, Earth, and the legendary crew of the Normandy.
In Shops: Sep 08, 2021
SRP: $19.99
PREVIEWS Page #131

We are proud to present four embroidered patches from BioWare's world of Mass Effect. Four logos are represented: N7, Paragon, Renegade, and Systems Alliance. Each patch come on a backing card with a die-cut for hanging.
In Shops: Apr 04, 2012
SRP: $4.99

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